Are Vinyl Wrap Kitchens Any Good? YES!

One of our customers have kindly directed us to a post that asks the question “Are Vinyl Wrap Kitchens Any Good?”

This post points out “Kitchen wrapping is often criticised due to peeling and bubbling issues that arise.” Yes peeling and bubbling can happen but not if fitted correctly

The part that jumps out to me most is “If you use a reputable spray company, the coating will be guaranteed against discolouration, peeling, scratching and flaking for 10 years.” Thats great but the same also applies to kitchen wrapping.

We offer our customers different vinyl options that come with 4 to 10 year guarantees (depending on the vinyl) against the same issues.

Are Vinyl Wrap Kitchens Any Good? YES! 1 Are Vinyl Wrap Kitchens Any Good? YES!
This is the image that was used as an example of a kitchen wrap

The image they posted to show a failed kitchen wrap is not the same as our wraps. This method is Thermofoil and is fitted using a vacuum press. (Showing in this video)

Other reasons they have for choosing painting over wrapping

1.Vinyl wrap is faster to install than having your kitchen sprayed. Whilst this may be important if you desperately need your kitchen completing ASAP, it’s worth bearing in mind that kitchen sprays can often be completed within a day (or up to three days for larger kitchens with the entire front, back and internal carcasses being sprayed).

A kitchen wrap can be done in 1 day but we do not recommend this. We collect our customers door and bring them to our workshop to be cleaned and properly prepared before wrapping. This allows us to get a the highest standard but also means we will take longer than the average wrapper.

2.Whichever option you go for, your kitchen should be easy to maintain. We advise our customers to wipe down their sprayed kitchens with warm, soapy water and to avoid using any solvents.

Solvents won’t discouler or effect a vinyl wrapped kitchen in the same way it would a painted kitchen. Anti-bacterial cleaners can be used on vinyl wrapped doors.

3.Sprayed kitchens can be resprayed again in a different colour and/or finish should you wish to redecorate your kitchen again in the future. It is not so easy to replace vinyl wrap should you decide to do so.

Vinyl can be removed easily with concentrated heat and the correct tools. It would not be an issue to redecorate a kitchen that has been wrapped before. IT IS EASY TO REPLACE VINYL WRAP SHOULD YOU DECIDE!


No! Spraying when done properly can give a great result but so can wrapping. it comes down to the customer’s preference this is why it’s important that when posting information to educate your customers on reasons why your method is better it’s important to not mislead them with inaccurate information.

Both methods are a great cost effective way to update your current kitchen.

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