How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves

Step by step process on how to wrap kitchen doors with grooves.

If you ever asked for a quote to have your grooved kitchen doors wrapped and got turned away because it ‘Cant Be done’. Then this is kind of true but we have a workaround for you.

grooved kitchen doors wrapped
Kitchen doors with grooves wrapped

Tools you need

A small investment in tools will be needed to follow our steps on how to wrap your grooved kitchen doors. Bellow is the minimum you will need to follow our steps.

How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves 1 How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves
some of the tools we use for wrapping kitchen doors

The above list are all links to were you can purchase the tools.

Steps to wrapping grooved kitchen doors with a square edge

This method won’t be suitable for kitchen doors with tapered edges

Step 1. Measure the door

How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves 2 How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves
how to measure a kitchen door

Step 2. Cut vinyl to size

Some easy maths here take your door size and add 100mm to the width and 100mm to the height.

example. door size 715mm x 515mm = 815mm x 615mm

What type of vinyl wrap material to use

The market is full of wrap material that will be suitable for this step. You can find a list of vinyl types that we have seen used on kitchen wrapping here at

Step 3. Order 2mm ACM board to size

Use the size from step 1 for this. It is important you get this step correct if your size is wrong then it will cause issues when wrapping or even make the door unable to be fitted back on.

What is ACM?

ACM ( Aluminium Composite Material) is a 3 layer lightweight panel. If you want to find out more about ACM board then check out curbellplastic blog

Where can I order this

I would recommend finding a local supplier of ACM board or visit your nearest sign shop

Step 4. Make Door Flat

Bond the ACM Board to the kitchen door face.

How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves 3 How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves
Bond the ACM board to the grooved kitchen door

How to bond the board onto the door

Using grab adhesive. Starting around 50mm in from the edge run a bead around the full door with an x shape on the center.

What type of adhesive should I get?

How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves 4 How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves
what we use to bond ACM to kitchen doors

Stick like Sh*t is our go-to for bonding but you can find others online. If you want to just go with the same adhesive as us then you can order it today from screw fix for less than £10 A full tube of this stuff will do around 15 kitchen doors

Step 5. Wrap it

ACM board has a black rubber core so the face might be a lovely colour but to avoid the unsightly edge you need to wrap the full board making sure to wrap around the back to tidy up the door edges

If your looking to see how we wrap kitchen doors then this video we made back in 2018 is still relevant today. The video is wrapping a flat kitchen door but the method is also the same.

This video of me wrapping a kitchen door was created back in 2018 please forgive the quality and music

Want to see some before and afters of kitchens we have wrapped check out our post – Before and after kitchen wraps

I hope this has answered your questions or inspired your next DIY kitchen project. if you have any questions feel free to contact us

Or can’t be bothered with the hassle and want to get the pros in then get a free quote to have your kitchen wrapped from the Modern Display Solutions Team

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