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How long does a kitchen wraps last

In order to answer this question, you will need to know what type of vinyl wrap materials have been used.

If you don’t know what a kitchen wrap is then I recommend reading our about kitchen wraps page first <<

7 of the most common types of Kitchen wrap vinyl

We don’t endorse any the vinyl on this list but through our experience in kitchen wrapping, we have seen all of them used over the years.

3M DI-NOC 12 years

3m di noc logo

Cover Style 10 year

cover styl logo

Metamark M7 7- 8 Years

metamark logo

Fablon 3 – 7 Years

dc fix logo

Metamark M4 4 – 5 Years

metamark logo

Oracal 751C – 3-8 Years

oracle logo

Ritrama L Range 3 – 5 Years

ri trama logo

Is this the only type of vinyl suitable for kitchen wrapping?

The market is full of different types of vinyl wrapping materials that will work on your kitchen. The above list has been simplified, it doesn’t mean they are the best vinyl to wrap your kitchen in but in our experience, they have been the most common types we have seen used.

What happens when the vinyl life span is up?

So you got your kitchen wrapped in 2015 and only used a 5-year vinyl don’t worry it won’t jump off your kitchen but you are now past the manufacturer’s guarantee.

This to look out for

  • Discolouring
  • Shrinking
  • Peeling

Vinyl wrapping materials not like sell-by dates on food it can and will last longer if looked after. Remember most types of vinyls are designed to be used for vehicles that are out on the road and open to the elements.

If your looking to get a quote to have your kitchen wrapped check out our free quote page

Kitchen wrap vs Reface vs New Kitchen

If you’re looking at ways to renovate your kitchen then you have most likely come across these 3 options.

So, how much will these options be?

New kitchen

On average a new kitchen can be £8000+ this is before you take the cost of removing the old kitchen, removing tiles/wallpaper and plastering walls etc.

If this is still for you then we recommend checking out blog post “How much are new kitchens?” they go into much more detail on what’s involved and costings.

Reface Kitchen

A reface kitchen is when we replace your old doors with new doors keeping the cabinets. This can cost between £35 – £45 per minus fitting charge. The hardest part about this will be choosing a style of door to match your existing kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen wrapping

Kitchen wrapping by far is the most cost-effective way to update your kitchen with an average size kitchen wrap coming in at under £1000 with fitting.

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Kitchen wrapping the cabinets and replacing the old doors

Another option that we haven’t listed above is to remove all your old kitchen doors then wrap the kitchen cabinets before installing new doors.

Unsure about kitchen wrapping as an option?

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