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Office window graphics and window frosting

Frosting office window partitions is the best way to keep the office looking professional and ads privacy that’s not usually associated with glass offices.

About Window Graphics

Window graphics come in many shapes sizes and designs. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve there will be a graphic for you.


If your windows are facing a street or public area then this is prime advertising space without monthly costs. 


Glass office partitions are much better than solid walls and help the office with lighting and keep the office looking modern BUT what you gain in light and style you lose in privacy. With Frosted window vinyl’s we can give staff privacy without losing on style and light. 

Logo Frosted

Logo frosted graphics

Half Frosted

office window graphics

Full Forsted

office partition window frosting

Questions about Window Graphics

  • How to remove window graphics

    Using a heat gun or even hair dryer direct heat at the graphic and peel. this will help with removing the graphic.

    If the window is cold this will make your job much harder so we would recommend turning the heating on inside to heat the glass up or wait for a hot day.

    Find scraper on amazon

    Find cleaner on amazon

  • How to design window graphics

    Don’t worry we will take care of this for you. All we need from you is a current logo or an idea of what you’d like and our creative team will take it from there.

    If are a designer and looking to send us graphics then simply follow our checklist.

    • Convert text to curves
    • All shapes are vectors and not flat images
    • Save as .EPS OR .PDF

  • Do you need to remove the glass partition

    No your glass will stay exactly were it is we will install on-site without removing any glass or rubbers

  • Can window graphics be removed

    Yes window graphics can be removed and if done correctly the window won’t be damaged