Vehicle graphics

At Modern Display Solutions Ltd we are involved in a variety of designing projects. We design everything ranging from business cards to vehicle graphics. We work together with our clients in order to ensure that they get high-quality services within their set budget and before the deadline. We also make a priority of ensuring that the end results are just as good as the client had imagined. Most recently we got hired by the Dance Inc. Studios for a vehicle graphics project. We designed the graphics, manufactured and installed it.

Our organization has competently designed vehicles graphics of various types on an array of vehicle numbers such as fleets, dozens, and even single vehicles. The vehicles we have customized with graphics become major head turners on the roads and the ones we designed for Dance Inc. Studios was no exception.

Importance of vehicle graphics

Vehicle graphics are an amazing strategy of advertising and marketing your company as compared to any other medium of advertising. For instance, if you use television, print or radio adverts they are only played for a short duration of time. With the vehicle graphics, the advertising is infinite. It follows you everywhere you go. This is especially essential after statistics showed that people spend a big portion of their time in vehicles as compared to other advertising mediums.

Dance Inc. Studios were especially thrilled with the outcome. The vehicle is essentially a mobile billboard. It captures the attention of people everywhere with the new branded vehicle. This is because at modern display solutions Ltd we do not settle for average or good enough. We strive for excellence and perfection that is miles better than the expectation of the client.

The vehicle graphics we did on Dance Inc. Studio vehicles was nothing short of awesome and unbelievable. These were their exact words when they saw the designs on the vehicle. The outcome was something they could not fathom imaginable. Our designers incorporated the use of advanced technology such as 3M materials and Roland plotters to ensure that every aspect of the project was spectacular.

Dance Inc. Studio are now able to have an impact on a larger population with their branded vehicle. Their presence and awareness will allow them to reach a larger client base. People find you to be more serious hence reliable if you’re willing to go the extra mile and have vehicle advertisement.

Types of vehicle graphics

At Modern Display Solutions Ltd we offer an assortment of ways to customize your vehicles such as truck vehicles, car top signs, car lettering, window perf and vehicle magnets. For the Dance Inc. Studio Vehicle graphics project we did a variety of vehicle graphics such as applied on truck wraps, reflective wraps, car wraps, truck lettering, fleet accounts, box truck wraps, reflective lettering, sprinter vehicle wraps, vehicle window wraps, decals, paint replacement wraps and logos.