5 Kitchen wrap ideas to inspire you

You know all about kitchen wraps, you might even have a company picked out to do the work BUT now you can’t decide what colour combination to go for. We have put together 5 kitchen wrap ideas to help inspire you.

With 100’s of combinations of colours to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. We have gone through our kitchen wrap image gallery to share our most popular colour selections.

1. Sheffield grey oak wrapped worktops with matt white wrapped doors and light grey splashback.

get inspired with this kitchen wrap
If your kitchen doesn’t get much light then using white will help brighten the room up. This combination has fast become our most popular combination.

2. White wrapped worktops with grey wrapped doors and white splashback.

get inspired with this kitchen wrap colour
If you don’t need to worry about lighting and your kitchen is naturally bright then using grey and white is a brilliant option.

3. White marble wrapped worktops with gloss red wrapped doors

get inspired with this kitchen wrap colour
If your looking for something a little bit different then how about Red and white marble.

4. White marble wrapped worktop with Grey wrapped doors and white marble splashback

marble splash back and grey wrapped doors
Taking the worktop vinyl and continuing it up the wall onto the splashback is a great way to blend everything together.

5. White marble worktop wrap with light grey wrapped doors,

light grey kitchen wrap
If whit is to clinical for you and grey will darken the kitchen to much then why not meet in the middle with a pale grey.

If this has inspired you to get a kitchen wrap then please be sure to read ‘All about kitchen wrapping and the questions you should be asking

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