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How to remove window graphics

Using a heat gun or even hair dryer direct heat at the graphic and peel. this will help with removing the graphic.

If the window is cold this will make your job much harder so we would recommend turning the heating on inside to heat the glass up or wait for a hot day.

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How to design window graphics

Don’t worry we will take care of this for you. All we need from you is a current logo or an idea of what you’d like and our creative team will take it from there.

If are a designer and looking to send us graphics then simply follow our checklist.

  • Convert text to curves
  • All shapes are vectors and not flat images
  • Save as .EPS OR .PDF

Do you need to remove the glass partition

No your glass will stay exactly were it is we will install on-site without removing any glass or rubbers

Can window graphics be removed

Yes window graphics can be removed and if done correctly the window won’t be damaged

February 15, 2020 by Modern Display Solutions 0 Comments

How to clean a kitchen wrap


Step 1.

Spray isopropyl directly onto a clean microfibre cloth until the cloth is damp.

Step 2.

Using a circular motion rub the wrap. ( Make sure not to rub on any edges to hard as this could cause lifting)

 If you still have any stubborn grease or dirt then simply repeat these steps.

Find more info on how to clean a kitchen wrap<<

How long will a kitchen wrap last?

We recommend a 7 – 8 year kitchen wrap material. if you would like to find out more check our useful blog post how long does kitchen wraps last

How do you wrap the kitchen doors?

Back in 2018 we made this short video showing how we wrap a kitchen door.
this is still relevant today

Can you vinyl wrap kitchen tiles?

We have methods that we can use to cover over your tiles but we wouldn’t recommend vinyl wrapping tiles.

December 30, 2019 by Modern Display Solutions 0 Comments

What should I do to prepare for the installer coming?

After booking, you will receive an email with all the instructions you need. More often than not we will only ask the client to make sure the kitchen is clear and clean before our installer arrives to collect your kitchen doors for wrapping.

December 30, 2019 by Modern Display Solutions 0 Comments

Do I need to empty my cupboards?

You would only need to do this if the inside of the kitchen cabinet is getting wrapped.