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Reopening your business during COVID-19

With the government’s phased approach to reopening your business during COVID-19 its time to start preparing for your business to open. Not sure what phase your business comes under then find out more at

How to work safely

As businesses being to reopen and staff/customers start to return, the Government has provided specific guidelines for working safely during COVID-19.

Here is a list of government guidelines for your business

3 steps to working safely

1.Carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment

Before reopening you should carry out a risk assessment in line with HSE guidance

2. Develop cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures

You should increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning by:

  • encouraging people to follow the guidance on handwashing and hygiene
  • providing hand sanitiser around the workplace, in addition to washrooms
  • frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly
  • enhancing cleaning for busy areas
  • setting clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets
  • providing hand drying facilities – either paper towels or electrical dryers

3. Maintain 2m social distancing, where possible

Where possible, you should maintain 2m between people by:

We have created a range of graphics that can be easily installed through your business to help implement 2m social distancing

Roller Banners

Covid-19 information roller banner

A roller banner situated inside at your main entrance is a great way to inform customers and staff.

One way system

To implement a one-way system with floor stickers. Simply stick them to the ground and people will follow.

Stand Here

stand here floor sticker

People are creatures of habit and will naturally just approach reception desks. By simply sticking stand here stickers down 2m from the front of your reception desk will help remind people to not approach and keep a safe distance.

If you’d like to see our full range of covi-19 safety stickers you can find them here in our shop

How to clean a kitchen wrap

how to clean a kitchen wrap

How to clean a kitchen wrap

Your kitchen has been wrapped or your thinking about getting your kitchen wrapped but not sure how to clean it.

The last thing you want to do is damage your fresh new kitchen.

We have 2 easy to follow steps that will help keep your kitchen wrap looking fresh for years to come

Before we start here are the 2 products we suggest you order today


Microfiber Cloths


Step 1.

Spray isopropyl directly onto a clean microfibre cloth until the cloth is damp.

Step 2.

Using a circular motion wipe down the wrap. ( Make sure not to rub on any edges to hard as this could cause lifting)

 If you still have any stubborn grease or dirt then simply repeat these steps.

How often should you clean a kitchen wrap?

We would say once a month just follows our 2 easy steps on your kitchen wrap. This will prevent large build-ups grease and dirt

Extra TIP!

If your kitchen was wrapped in a CAR WRAP material then these will work exactly how it would on your car.

Don’t know what a kitchen wrap is? Find out more

How to wrap kitchen doors with grooves

Step by step process on how to wrap kitchen doors with grooves.

If you ever asked for a quote to have your grooved kitchen doors wrapped and got turned away because it ‘Cant Be done’. Then this is kind of true but we have a workaround for you.

grooved kitchen doors wrapped
Kitchen doors with grooves wrapped

Tools you need

A small investment in tools will be needed to follow our steps on how to wrap your grooved kitchen doors. Bellow is the minimum you will need to follow our steps.

some of the tools we use for wrapping kitchen doors

The above list are all links to were you can purchase the tools.

Steps to wrapping grooved kitchen doors with a square edge

This method won’t be suitable for kitchen doors with tapered edges

Step 1. Measure the door

how to measure a kitchen door

Step 2. Cut vinyl to size

Some easy maths here take your door size and add 100mm to the width and 100mm to the height.

example. door size 715mm x 515mm = 815mm x 615mm

What type of vinyl wrap material to use

The market is full of wrap material that will be suitable for this step. You can find a list of vinyl types that we have seen used on kitchen wrapping here at

Step 3. Order 2mm ACM board to size

Use the size from step 1 for this. It is important you get this step correct if your size is wrong then it will cause issues when wrapping or even make the door unable to be fitted back on.

What is ACM?

ACM ( Aluminium Composite Material) is a 3 layer lightweight panel. If you want to find out more about ACM board then check out curbellplastic blog

Where can I order this

I would recommend finding a local supplier of ACM board or visit your nearest sign shop

Step 4. Make Door Flat

Bond the ACM Board to the kitchen door face.

Bond the ACM board to the grooved kitchen door

How to bond the board onto the door

Using grab adhesive. Starting around 50mm in from the edge run a bead around the full door with an x shape on the center.

What type of adhesive should I get?

what we use to bond ACM to kitchen doors

Stick like Sh*t is our go-to for bonding but you can find others online. If you want to just go with the same adhesive as us then you can order it today from screw fix for less than £10 A full tube of this stuff will do around 15 kitchen doors

Step 5. Wrap it

ACM board has a black rubber core so the face might be a lovely colour but to avoid the unsightly edge you need to wrap the full board making sure to wrap around the back to tidy up the door edges

If your looking to see how we wrap kitchen doors then this video we made back in 2018 is still relevant today. The video is wrapping a flat kitchen door but the method is also the same.

This video of me wrapping a kitchen door was created back in 2018 please forgive the quality and music

Want to see some before and afters of kitchens we have wrapped check out our post – Before and after kitchen wraps

I hope this has answered your questions or inspired your next DIY kitchen project. if you have any questions feel free to contact us

Or can’t be bothered with the hassle and want to get the pros in then get a free quote to have your kitchen wrapped from the Modern Display Solutions Team

How long does a kitchen wraps last

In order to answer this question, you will need to know what type of vinyl wrap materials have been used.

If you don’t know what a kitchen wrap is then I recommend reading our about kitchen wraps page first <<

7 of the most common types of Kitchen wrap vinyl

We don’t endorse any the vinyl on this list but through our experience in kitchen wrapping, we have seen all of them used over the years.

3M DI-NOC 12 years

3m di noc logo

Cover Style 10 year

cover styl logo

Metamark M7 7- 8 Years

metamark logo

Fablon 3 – 7 Years

dc fix logo

Metamark M4 4 – 5 Years

metamark logo

Oracal 751C – 3-8 Years

oracle logo

Ritrama L Range 3 – 5 Years

ri trama logo

Is this the only type of vinyl suitable for kitchen wrapping?

The market is full of different types of vinyl wrapping materials that will work on your kitchen. The above list has been simplified, it doesn’t mean they are the best vinyl to wrap your kitchen in but in our experience, they have been the most common types we have seen used.

What happens when the vinyl life span is up?

So you got your kitchen wrapped in 2015 and only used a 5-year vinyl don’t worry it won’t jump off your kitchen but you are now past the manufacturer’s guarantee.

This to look out for

  • Discolouring
  • Shrinking
  • Peeling

Vinyl wrapping materials not like sell-by dates on food it can and will last longer if looked after. Remember most types of vinyls are designed to be used for vehicles that are out on the road and open to the elements.

If your looking to get a quote to have your kitchen wrapped check out our free quote page

Kitchen wrap vs Reface vs New Kitchen

If you’re looking at ways to renovate your kitchen then you have most likely come across these 3 options.

So, how much will these options be?

New kitchen

On average a new kitchen can be £8000+ this is before you take the cost of removing the old kitchen, removing tiles/wallpaper and plastering walls etc.

If this is still for you then we recommend checking out blog post “How much are new kitchens?” they go into much more detail on what’s involved and costings.

Reface Kitchen

A reface kitchen is when we replace your old doors with new doors keeping the cabinets. This can cost between £35 – £45 per minus fitting charge. The hardest part about this will be choosing a style of door to match your existing kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen wrapping

Kitchen wrapping by far is the most cost-effective way to update your kitchen with an average size kitchen wrap coming in at under £1000 with fitting.

Find out more about kitchen wrapping

See before and after kitchen wraps

Kitchen wrapping the cabinets and replacing the old doors

Another option that we haven’t listed above is to remove all your old kitchen doors then wrap the kitchen cabinets before installing new doors.

Unsure about kitchen wrapping as an option?

See before and after kitchen wraps

Questions and answers about kitchen wraps

Office door wrapping

Our new kitchen wrap HQ office was built, The furniture was in all we needed now was a nice glass door to help bring light in but not be to flimsy.

After searching the usual retailers, the prices we found were coming in at over £100 for a colour we never liked and no handles or hinges.

A quick search on Gumtree and a 20min round trip we had the perfect door for our office. It was solid oak with glazed centre supplied with hinges and handles still attached and it was a whopping £15 it was ‘’PERFECT “well not quite the colour was brown.

What were our options sand and paint the door nope we did what we do best we WRAPPED it

Macmillan gets noticed with new window graphics!


Macmillan cancer support helps people to access support and information about cancer.

Their dedicated spaces located in libraries across Scotland help people with free cancer support. So its important people can find them easily.

Modern Display Solutions and MJW Signage Solutions teamed up to Design, Manufacture and Install window graphics that will help Macmillan cancer support get maximum exposure.

Choosing Location

Before starting any project we visit the location to scout the area and take measurements for the proposed Signs / Window Graphics

Cambuslang library is situated directly across from the junction where Greenlees Rd meets Cambuslang Main St.

showing location

Greenlees Rd is a popular route for traveling from East Kilbride to Glasgow. So we proposed that the windows facing directory onto the busy junction would be the perfect location with the best impact.


When working with a brand they will most likely have designs and guidelines in place. So it’s important to take time and create detailed visuals.

showing window graphic design

For example, all of our visuals show

  • Design
  • Vinyl colours
  • Quantities
  • Install location


The process for manufacturing window graphics is easy (if you know how) but it’s important to choose the correct types of vinyl.

Questions we ask to help with the decision

  • How long will the vinyl be up?
  • Will it be inside or out?
  • Should the design be printed or plotted?

Therefore we manufactured the window graphics by plotting and overlaying Metamark 7 Series vinyl. This is a simple but highly effective process.


Before any signage install goes ahead, we asses the risk and fill out a risk assessment. This is an integral part of any sign install. It creates awareness and risk to employees and visitors.

5 steps in assessing risk in the work place

Do you need window graphics?

Our highly experienced and dedicated team are available to help. You can find all of our contact details here

Before and After Kitchen wraps

A picture speaks a thousand words so we thought it would be best to show you some of our best before and after kitchen wraps.

1. Before and After made flat kitchen wrap


The worktops, tiles, and doors were all in need of updating but the cabinets were still in good condition.


The homeowner decided to go for made flat doors, worktop wraps and splash back wrap. The addition of some new handles really makes this kitchen look modern.

2. Before and After Shaker style kitchen wrap


An otherwise solid kitchen let down by the colour


The landlord of this kitchen decided whit gloss with light grey splash back would be perfect.

3. Before and After made flat kitchen wrap


Brown 1980’s style kitchen with ‘blue’ worktops the only part still good was the tiles.


a lick of paint on the tiles, made flat doors and black marble worktop wraps this kitchen is now looking more 2019 than 1980

Would you like to see more before and after kitchen wraps check out our facebook album

Food bank initiative

Over 90% Of the food distributed by food banks in the Trussell Trust network is donated by the public – that’s why food donations are vital. The Modern Display Solutions Food bank initiative has been set up to help with as many food donations as possible.

When customer’s book in for a kitchen wrap, we remove all kitchen cabinet doors and drawer faces. This is a great opportunity for people to have a clear out and rather than them having to take a small quantity of food or even disposing of good food our team can leave a donation box.

Food Bank Donation box

food bank donations box

Once the box is filled our team donates it to the local food bank.

Things our customers can donate to the food bank


Tinned Foods

  • SOUP
  • FISH
  • VEG
  • MEAT

If you are happy to drop off food donations yourself there are trolleys located in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s & Co-Op in Hamilton and Asda in Blantyre. You can also drop off at any of the Foodbank centers during the opening times.

If You would like to visit the Hamilton food bank you can find them at 22 towhead street Hamilton ML3 7BE or for more information


Asda, Glasgow Road, Blantye, G72 0AQ 24 HoursNear front of store
Asda, Palace Grounds Road, Hamilton, ML3 6ADMon-Thur 24 hours Fri-Sun 05:00-00:00
Morrisons, 5 New Park Street, Hamilton, ML3 0BNMon-Sat 07:00-22:00Sun 08:00-22:00   
Sainsbury’s, 5 Douglas Park Lane, Hamilton, ML3 0DFMon-Sun 08:00-22:00   
Co-Op, Mill Road, Hamilton, ML3 8HUMon-Sun 07.00-22.00